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 Trisha's Mission finale

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“It’s where they led me the day I followed my vision of the kidnapper when he abducted a victim. Then I got confused because after I arrived here, the vision changed and I saw a different woman; The woman was, or at least I believe she was the skeletal remains of the redheaded one in the woods you found.”
“I found? I seem to remember you were the one who found her Who is the ‘they’ that led you to the location.”
I did a sideways glance at him and sighed. “Take me home.”
“I intend to do just that, Miss Weston. I have questions and you’re the only one who has the answers,” he said, putting a direct emphasis that sounded a lot like an allegation with his use of only one.
I wanted to lash out at him but wanted a hot bath more so I stayed silent during the drive back to my home. When we arrived, Blaine was sitting in his car waiting. Detective Fuller pulled into the
drive and stopped beside Blaine’s car. My door opened and Blaine’s face turned red. “What the.......?”

I stopped him before he insulted Detective Fuller and put his career in danger. “Seems we discovered the place you and I have searched for a few times but rain drowned us.”
Detective Fuller didn’t argue over my use of ‘we,’ instead he walked toward my front door. “I’ll explain later, Blaine,” I said in a whisper. He walked with me to the house before removing the key clipped to my purse. Once inside, I dropped my purse on the foyer table and Blaine laid my
keys in the small bowl beside my purse. He headed toward the kitchen with Detective Fuller following while I went upstairs.
For the next thirty minutes I attempted to scrub the headache and need to sleep away. After my bathe and shampoo, I dressed in jeans and tee then joined Blaine and Detective Fuller in the kitchen. The Detective had apparently spent most of the time while I was bathing on the phone with his partner and DA Chad Collins. And was explaining to Blaine how they’d go about searching the grounds and small building when I joined them. Both turned to me with questions on their forehead. “I feel loads better now,” I said and smiled. “The headache is still around but not so bad I can’t function.” I accepted the coffee Blaine sat in front of me and smiled a gratitude when he also put a sandwich beside it. “I am very hungry,” I said and turned to Detective Fuller. “ Did I hear you say that you would go back to the shed tomorrow?”
“Yes, the DA agreed weather would hinder a proper search of it and nearby woods today. We’re in for a heavy storm, I just hope it clears enough tonight that sun will dry some of the ground. I hate walking around on soggy land and mud looking for evidence.”

“Done a lot of that, have you?” I asked before taking another bite of my sandwich. Detective Fuller caught the sarcasm and showed an inward grin.
“Now, Miss Weston, why not tell me how you discovered this place and why you took me to it today? The more information I have the more focused the search can be tomorrow.”

“You have been told how I discovered the site, Detective, and today while I with you in the car was led back to it. I do not know the reasons behind what I’m shown until ‘they’ want me to know. I’ve found most of the time, I have to figure reasons out on my own.” I looked up at Blaine

and shrugged. “Apparently you and I weren’t meant to go back before Detective Fuller was taken to it.”
Detective Fuller went quiet, realizing he wasn’t going to get anything more from me today. He finished his coffee and thanked us before rising to leave. “Detective?” He looked over at me. “Did you find the man I said killed the young Hispanic man?”
“Not yet, Miss Weston, we checking into it.”
So, that was all I’d be told about that, I thought. Detective Fuller again thanked us and left. I refilled my cup and asked Blaine what his plans were for the day, I wanted to go rest for a while before doing some research. I didn’t show him the photo given me at the church. Blaine said he wanted to hang due to weather and watch a movie then sleep, he was on duty the next day. Detective Fuller had also advised him that he would be joining them at the site I took him to today. The detective had advised he’d be contacted about the time to met up with the others.

I woke after 9 p.m. that night and went downstairs to retrieve the picture from my purse. Blaine had fallen asleep on the sofa and the tv was on a sports station. I clicked the tv off and picked up the throw from the floor to cover him with it before going in my office. I was so frustrated over the picture. Staring at it brought no recognition of anyone I’d ever met or seen in a vision. But, that wasn’t surprising, the child appeared around five and the clothing he was wearing wasn’t from my era. After compiling my thoughts and days events in my journal, I left my office and

went into the kitchen. Blaine was there, dumping grounds into the filter of the coffee pot. I jerked back, “Good Heavens! I hadn’t noticed you weren’t still asleep on the sofa.”
Blaine smiled. “I only woke about five minutes ago. You were so busy that you didn’t hear or see me when I popped my head in the office.”
“I’m not sure that is a good thing.”

“You are right; it’s not good; I’ve noticed that sometimes when you are focused you block out all the sounds around you.”
I glanced over at the clock. “My God! It’s one in the morning!”
“Yes. What were you doing in there? You were writing but I didn’t feel you were entirely here.”
“I wasn’t actually.” I didn’t clarify further and Blaine didn’t press me on it.
“So, tell me about the trip with Detective Fuller.”

I started at the beginning and told him everything that had happened. All but the part about thinking I’d seen my dad. By the time I’d finished telling him and explaining about becoming ill on the dirt road leading to the shed, he’d made us breakfast and we’d eaten.
“Well, you need to shower and change, I have to be at the station at 4:30 this morning.”
“Call or shoot off a text message when Fuller contacts you about going to the shed. I have early morning meetings so my phone will be on silent most of morning.”
“I will. Don’t go back to that shed alone, Trish.”
“I won’t go there unless I know others are also. I want to go over and see mom and Aunt Betty to check on them after the storm.”

Blaine went upstairs to dress for work; I cleared the dishes and walked outside. The storm had played havoc with a couple limbs near the woods but otherwise things looked okay. I hoped I incurred no danger at the other homes either. But, I couldn’t worry about that I needed more sleep.
I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow and woke at 7:30. Linda was sitting at the bar sipping on a cup of coffee when I went downstairs. I filled a carry-cup then a coffee cup and joined her.
“I want to hear all about your night but I have a meeting at nine,” I said.
Linda smiled over at me. “It was just a night, and I slept through the storms. Did you?”

Some of it, yes, but truthfully, I didn’t worry about what was raging outside; I was busy. I slept from 3 p.m. yesterday until 9 last night. Was up until around 3 this morning though. Still I slept like a log when I went back to bed. I guess I needed the rest; I felt a pressure was off my shoulders after Detective Fuller and I found that shed.”
“Chad told me about your finding it, did you have a vision when you were there?”
“No. The heavens opened up and drenched us so we came back here. Fuller wasn’t happy.”
“They want to go have a look around that area today, but the weatherman is saying we could be in for more storms later.”
I glanced over at the clock. “I must run, Linda, I want to be prompt for this particular appointment; although I admit, I am feeling some anxiety about it.”

I will see you later then. Contact me if you can today and let me know if they call you to talk about your vision when you followed the dude in that truck.”
“I will, but I doubt if Detective Fuller wants to talk about a vision. He doesn’t believe in them; he thinks everything is either real or imagined; he also thinks I know more than I am telling him about me being kidnaped and about the person involved my kidnaping and the one doing these murders.”

Linda laughed and I waved bye-bye as I grabbed my coffee and left. As I drove to the realtor’s office, I again wondered what these spirits expected me to do with all the properties I’ve bought since moving into this area. I was spending a lot of money for all the land and had no idea what I’d do with it in the future. I’d leased a few to young married couples with children. But, I had 4 more being updated and repaired. The same realtor handled all the properties except the one I lived in and a lawyer handled it. I wondered about that too as I walked through the doors of the office and met the smiling face of the elderly owner of Richie’s Realtor.

“So, you are Trisha Weston. I hear you’ve become quite the landowner. Properties are good investments but be warned, it can have its pitfalls.”
“So I’ve heard,” I replied. What about this property with the church and graveyard, do you have papers showing the property lines? I don’t want to run into problems when clearing the graveyard.”
“I do. You do realize considerable acreage is included with this deal and the graves must remain in that graveyard?”
“Yes. I am aware of the grave restrictions; The lady who met me mentioned something about 10 acres.”
“Oh no, that is just what was set back many years ago for the actual graves. The property is very large and goes all the way back to Co. Rd. 3075 and extends west for a distance.” Mrs. Richie opened a thick enclosed folder and pulled out a large map depicting the original land boundaries. When she spread it out, my mouth opened. Shock rooted me to my chair and I was unable to stand and look over the map. She quickly folded it before putting it back into the folder.
“Why is that much property being sold for such a small price?” I asked.
She shrugged as if uncaring, “I guess the value hasn’t been upgraded for years so you are getting a huge deal.”
Mrs. Ritchie suddenly seemed in a hurry and pulled legal papers from her desk drawer. She slid them over to me and suggested I read before signing. I reached into my briefcase and took a bank check from an envelope and handed it over to her. I read all the details of how I could not destroy the church and graves before taking the pen she’d laid by the papers and signing my name on several of them. As I did, a man walked into the room and introduced him as Mark Howe, a lawyer who would file all the property rights transfers at the courthouse. He was the same lawyer who’d handled the sale if my home. She slid the check into the envelope and handed it and the papers I’d signed to him. He advised me I’d be getting copies of the papers and the property deed in the mail and turned to leave the room.
“Not very talkative, is he?” I said.
Mrs. Ritchie gave a half smile. “He’s never has been one to be social, all business.”
I felt she wasn’t telling me something but she rushed me out the door with a thick folder in my hands and I heard the lock on the door click as I stepped away. I had no chance to question her any further. I grabbed my phone as I buckled my seatbelt and put in a call to my lawyer. After telling him the lawyer’s name and about Richie’s Realtors rushing me out after the papers were signed and money exchanged, he assured me they were legit. I had no worries about being scammed. He’d checked out the legality of the property sale after I’d contacted him that I’d put a hold on it last Friday. He said Mavis Richie had been wanting to close shop permanently for a couple years but had to handle the sell of this land. Apparently she’d signed a deal many years back that she or her heirs were the only one who could handle it and there were restrictions.
“What do you mean restrictions?”
“I wasn’t privy to all the information but it’s something about a family trust. Stop worrying Trisha, I assure you, everything is perfectly legal and the land you bought is rightfully and legally yours now.”

My mind was racing with thoughts of all the land included in the church deal, but so was the picture that the old man had given me as I drove to my mom’s house. The boy in the picture looked to be from her era and I hoped that mom or Aunt Betty would recognize him. My heart dropped when I pulled into the drive to see mom loading a couple cases in the trunk of her car. I pulled in beside her.
“Oh Trish, honey, we are about to leave, headed to see an old friend in failing health.”
“Mom, I really need to talk to you and Aunt Betty.”
“Not today, dear, we are in a hurry to put distance behind us before that storm comes back. I left a couple pies in the fridge; one is the lemon that you love and the other one that Blaine and Linda loved so well when the three of you were youngsters. Betty left some casseroles too.”
“Thanks Mom, I’ll be sure and take them with me,” I said as I checked to see who was calling. Mom reached for her door handle but I stepped over in front of it blocking her access. She looked over at Aunt Betty with a knowing expression.
“Detective, what can I do for you?” I said into my phone.
“You can be ready to come to the site when your boyfriend gets to your home,” he declared.
“I am not at home. I’m with my mom and will be here for a few. Why do you want me to come to the site anyway? I can’t imagine what I can do to help you enter that shed.”
“You can agree to ride with either Officer Anderson in an unmarked car or I’ll send a unit to pick you up! Take your pick, Miss Weston.”
My blood rushed and my agitation level rose too extreme. “If you ever send a unit for me make sure they have a warrant!” I hit the off key, ending the conversation and glared over at my mom. “I need to talk to both of you today,” I said.
“Look Trish, our friend is dying and if we don’t leave soon, we’ll miss saying our goodbyes before she passes on to the home in the sky. We’ll be back in a few days and can talk then.”
“Considering what’s transpired today and what could transpire, they could list me as murder suspect one with a certain detective heading the blame parade!”
“Balderdash! No one thinks you could kill anyone! Be patient Trish, and back off some of that detecting you do. Some things just don’t bear digging up.”
“I have no choice mom, I have to go back to a crime scene today and God knows what will happen when I get there!” I pulled the picture from my purse, “just tell me if you recognize this boy and I’ll go get the pies you made and leave you to your blasted trip.”
“Mom took the picture, frowned, and handed it to Aunt Betty. “He looks familiar but I can’t remember a name; can you Betty?”
“He resembles one of those twin boys in a way, Lauren, the Bryant family maybe? Where did you get this, Trish?”
“Yes. Maybe it was one of the Bryant clan. I just don’t know. Let me stew on it while we are gone and maybe I’ll remember something more. What do you want to know for anyway, Trish?”
“You don’t want to know how I came about the picture or why I need the name, mom; Or where,” I added looking at Aunt Betty. I moved aside, took the picture and slid it back into my purse. “I need to get those pies and head home. Blaine will be there before me otherwise and I doubt he is happy about it.”
I walked away not looking back at them as they got into the car and backed from the drive. I was furious with them, more so with Detective Fuller and with the situation of buying that land at the insistence of spirits. What was I getting myself into? Where was it all headed and would I stay out of jail as an accessory?
Blaine pulled into my driveway ahead of me, in the car with him was a uniformed officer. I smiled. Detective Fuller was showing me who was boss.
“Hello, let me get this food inside, change into jeans and I’ll be out,” I said. Blaine walked inside with me, took the freezer packs with casseroles and pies from me and headed to the kitchen while I headed upstairs. When I came back down 15 minutes later, he was standing at the foot of the stairs. I knew we couldn’t talk with the officer in the car so I asked, “what’s up with him wanting me there?”
“He decided it’d be best if you came. I guess he’s hoping for more information on where to search. Fuller is not happy. A storm is coming again and he said you weren’t working with him on the search today.”
“He was insistent,” I replied. We had made it back to the unmarked and I stayed quiet after that. The officer had exited the front passenger seat and was sitting in back. My brain raced all the way back to the site. As we turned on the gravel road, I began to feel pressure in my stomach. I decided to ignore the signals sent me and stared out the car window until we arrived at the scene. Detective Fuller was standing outside the crime scene tape roping off the shed. He walked over to me and asked if I happened to have a key.
“No! I do not,” I said in as calm a voice I could muster. I exited the car and walked to the edge of the taped off area. My head was spinning. Detective Fuller took every step I did and stopped beside me, “We had another young woman go missing last night, Miss Weston; Do you know anything about her?”
I turned to face him, anger visibly showing in my expression. “No.” My tone was emphatic.
“So you haven’t had any of those, what do you call them? Visions?”
I walked away from him and moved around the taped section toward the woods. I stood there leaning against a tree and praying the four spirits hanging nearby would go away. An older man drove up and walked over to where Fuller was standing. I overheard him say that back when he was younger that he’d heard stories about these woods. It seemed a graveyard was somewhere around, and supposedly broken down shacks that they had built back in mid 1800s. Fuller turned to look over where I was standing. Unknowing if I could hear the conversation or not, he replied, “we did a land search Friday and today got news that this property has a new owner, Milton. I think a graveyard is around somewhere, just don’t know how many or if they are all legal graves or a burial ground for a murderer.” Fuller looked over my way again; I could feel his eyes on me. “The owner this property is here with us now. I’ll see if she will give permission for the search. If not we’ll have to wait for that warrant.” I felt as my heart had dropped to bottom of my feet. I glanced over to where Blaine was talking with an officer and wondered if he’d known when he came for me that Fuller knew I owned this land. Although I’d told Fuller I had put down a deposit on the church and graveyard land, I wondered how Fuller discovered the sellers included this property in the buy when I’d just learned of it and signed the papers a few hours earlier. Fuller was walking toward me and I wanted to run. Run from the spirits motioning for me, from him and from this whole situation. Everything was moving to fast, too quickly and I didn’t understand any of it. I looked up when he stopped beside me. “Trisha, I need . . . ”
“I know what you need, Detective,” I said. “Break in if you have to, search where you must.” I turned and walked back toward Blaine’s car knowing Fuller wouldn’t physically stop me. Fury and seeing spirits every time I glanced into the woods were causing my head to throb. Blaine met me at the car and glared over at Detective Fuller. I knew then; I knew exactly what their stares were about. I sensed detective Fuller had a sudden need to protect me in his own way; he wanted to protect me from what could transpire after the search as much as Blaine wanted to protect me from Fuller. At that moment, I think a realization hit detective Fuller and he understood me better than he had before. What I didn’t know was if he trusted me. “Could you get my water out the car, Blaine?” I ask. He unlocked the door and reached for my water. “And my purse, please,” I said. He moved back and I reached in for my purse, sat in the seat with my feet still out the car while I searched for my headache tablets. I popped two pills in my mouth, drank a little water then made myself comfortable inside the car. Blaine eased the door shut without questioning me. He leaned against the car and watched all the officers standing around talking. I assumed Detective Fuller was waiting on someone because he hadn’t opened the shed. Things stayed at a standstill for nearly an hour before a forensic van and two trucks pulled up. Several people exited the vehicles, donned white suits, paper caps and protective boots over their shoes before walking toward the taped off area.
Detective Fuller came over and whispered with Blaine. Blaine nodded and got into the car with me. “I will take you home now, Trisha.”
“About time,” I said as I looked over at the image of spirits disappearing into the woods.
Blaine attempted to talk to me as he drove me home but I silenced him. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation; I was angry and confused. All I wanted was to go home, rest a while and figure out what had happened today. It was after three when we arrived back at my house. Blaine came in with me and headed to my kitchen. I knew he’d raid the refrigerator so I curled up on my bed and fell asleep.
I rested for about an hour, got up and made my way downstairs. I heard the tv in the living room but I slipped past the door and headed outside to my car. A few minutes later I parked at the county courthouse. I didn’t want to risk running into any officers aware of what was happening at the site so I took the side door and headed to the room where I could find archived records.
When I left the courthouse, my anger level had reached the out-of-control level. I flew down the interstate, nearly missing the exit to head home. I didn’t care that I cut off traffic in the exit lane. I just drove. By time I drove into my drive my hands were shaking. I exited my car and Blaine came toward me.
“Where have you been?”
I walked past him. “Taking care of business, Blaine,” I snapped. When I went inside the house, I headed upstairs and locked the door to my room.

I heard voices when I went downstairs a few hours later. Linda was home and she, Blaine, Chad and detective Fuller were having coffee. I was wearing long pajamas and one of Blaine’s shirts but I didn’t think about it. I walked into the kitchen and straight for the refrigerator. “Anybody want some pie?”
“Oh, hun, we devoured Aunt Betty’s Lasagna and a pie already,” Linda said.
I gave her an ugh look and teased. “You ate coconut pie after having Lasagna?”
All four heads nodded with smiles. “God help your digestive tracks.” I slid a piece of lemon pie into a plate and laughed. “Okay, stop staring, I know I look ghastly. But, I don’t care.”
“You don’t look ghastly,” Chad said. “You look attractive, right?” He looked at Fuller and Blaine.
Blaine was smiling. He recognized the shirt. Linda laughed, “Blaine’s shirt is a little large, Trish.”
I took another bite of my pie, sipped coffee and shrugged. “I’m comfortable, he shouldn’t have left it on the bathroom floor the other day, I laundered it and it went to my room with my clothes afterward. How long has it been raining?”
“About an hour and half here, Fuller said. “We had a shower at the scene before we could do a body search.”
I got up and put my plate in the sink then refilled my coffee cup, taking my time so no one could see my expression. “Anything in that shed?” I held my breath, waiting.
I could feel all eyes on my back. “Yes. Lots of blood, forensics began the processing before it began raining too hard. We had to leave for fear of getting stuck due to the dirt road. We kept the scene taped so don’t go there without permission.”
I took a deep breath and let it out. “I’m not dumb, Detective; if I go near that place, I wouldn’t enter the roped off area!”
Detective Fuller ignored my umbrage. “Why would you want to go back?”
I didn’t answer. “You guys,’ Linda said, “let’s be civil, okay.”
Fuller laughed. “Yes ma’am.”
“Trisha,” Chad said, “do you think you can help us find this killer? We’re hoping our last kidnaping victim is still alive.”
“Honestly, Chad, I don’t know. So much is racing around in my head, I don’t know what’s related and what is extraneous.”
The storm raged for several hours so everyone watched weather updates on tv and played games. They were movie hunting when I announced I had to get some store business done or Charles would have my head on a platter. If he didn’t then Ben would. I was just coming out my office around 3 the next morning when detective Fuller announced the storm had calmed and he was going home to his wife. That was cue for Blaine to say he was going get a little sleep and Chad decided to leave too.
I was in the kitchen later that morning when I got the call that the storms had caused window breakage at the store. I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. Blaine was still sleeping, as was Linda but I didn’t wake them. When I reached the store I contacted Mom and told her of the damage. My voice alerted her to anger and she tried questioning me but I ignored her questions and told her I had contacted the repairman to replace the large windows and hung up before she could complain. It wasn’t until Charles arrived a couple hours later that I headed home. Just as I passed a house belonging to Janet Sumners, one of Blaine’s ex girlfriends, and I saw his car leaving the drive. I slowed and took a right heading away from the interstate. An hour later after driving around with no particular destination in mind I drove home. I was again met with cars lining my drive. I exited my car and was again met by Blaine. “This is becoming a habit, Trisha. You leave alone without backup. Without me to help you if trouble arrives.”
I moved pass him. “ I think Janet had you otherwise engaged.” I said and walked through the door. I heard Mom talking but headed upstairs not wanting to face her or Betty. I was still furious with my discovery at the courthouse that the young boy in the picture the man at the church gave me was named Brewster. Even more upset to discover the young man Larry, who Charles had fired after I gave him details on how he had treated the delivery to my home and learned it was a common practice of his, was a Brewster. And Larry has a twin brother. But more importantly he was related to Selma. I took my time in the shower and dressed in jeans and a Tee before heading downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen, I looked over at Detective Fuller and was met with another of his accusing stares, then mom and Aunt Betty with their expressions of love and worry. My eyes strayed to Linda and her look of concern. Chad had a straight face, one of his DA trial looks. Blaine was worried but I saw something else too, I just didn’t want to deal with it at this time. I poured myself a cup of coffee and glared at the two large books lying on the table in front of mom. She saw me staring at them.
“We decided it was time you learned it all Trish. And it’s all in here.”
“Does that include the Brewster family? Selma’s family?”
Linda’s eyes widened. Aunt Betty stayed calm. “And my family Trisha. Jean Brewster was my great grandmother. She lived in this house. Or the part of it that no longer exists.”
“Oh yes, my rocking lady.”
Again Linda’s eyes rounded. “You know what is causing that chair to rock?”
“Oh yes my friend. She is elderly and loves her chair. She was in that chair the day her exit was set on fire and she had no escape. The attic was part of her rooms. Upstairs, with a door leading to stairs and outside to an enclosed porch and entrance to this part of the house via this very room. The kitchen.”
“So we really are living in a haunted house.”
“No. She isn’t haunting us, she is coexisting within these walls. She means no harm, just wants to enjoy her chair and likely wants answers to why.”
“So how do you figure out the why?” Linda asks.
“Bad seed,” I answered.
“Forget all this chair nonsense and tell us how to catch this killer that kidnaped these women, including you.” Fuller interceded.
“I have told you time and time again Detective, the killer did not kidnap me. But the answer to catching him also begins at the church. I can and will take you to him.”
“He is in those back woods, isn’t he Trish.”
“Yes mom.”
“You don’t need to be trampling through those woods, it is dangerous. And you don’t know them well enough to find your way.”
“I know the route mom, much better now I had look at the land grants and old maps. Besides I’ll have help. And I’ll have Blaine with me.”
“You will have me with you.” Fuller stated. “This is a dangerous man, as you well know, so you will not move ahead of us or run off on your own.”
“You know what Detective Fuller. “The hell with it, I am through caring whether you believe in me. If you want to follow me to where Franklin has the last two girls then I suggest you be at the church first thing tomorrow morning.”
“So you do know the man who has them. I am headed to the precinct now to discuss this situation with my commander. You damn well better not leave this house Miss Weston.”
“It’s a free country Detective. I can and will go where I please when I want.”
Mom was so stiff with fear for me she couldn’t move. Blaine stopped dead still behind me. Chad wanted to intervene, to slice into the tense atmosphere that had filled the room. “Trisha do you remember a Detective Roberts?”
“Yes. I meet him when Blaine and I traveled in search of Carla Smith. Why?’
“I heard from him today. He wanted me to tell you thank you and he saved the little boy. Just as you said the child’s true identity was inside the stuffed toy.”
“Excellent! Hearing that is like inhaling a breathe of fresh air.”
“I think fresh air is what is needed in here,” Mom said.
I smiled over at mom. “Agreed. I walked over to the back exit of my home and looked outside. “I walked outside and was followed by mom and Blaine. “I’m wondering if she wants me to rebuild her rooms. To do so would give me extra space for guest.”
“You don’t think it would create more activity?” Mom asks.
“I’m going to tell her its over. I know who set the fire and why. It is time to forgive and let light in. She is welcome to coexist here but it is time to move on and feel young living in the beauty of Heaven. The same thing I am going to tell the old man in the church and his daughter-in law and granddaughter.”
“So the old man in the church is the one who set the fire?” Blaine asks.
“Yes. But he did so to try and leave the badness inside him behind. The two women is Selma’s mother and grandmother. I don’t want that kind of afterlife for Selma. And she will have it if I don’t help these people.”
“I am totally confused,” Blaine said.
I smiled over at him until I saw Fuller standing in the doorway watching and listening to us. “I will explain it all later Blaine. After I talk to the old man.”
Fuller came outside. “I am leaving now. I’ll be here at sunrise and have a few officers meet us at the church. We’ll need them when we confront this killer.”
Blaine looked over at me, as did my mom. Both asks in unison. “The kidnapper is a living breathing being isn’t he?”
I laughed. “Very much so. His name is Franklin Brewster brother to Larry and great nephew of the man in the church. As a matter of fact, it was Franklin using his brother’s identity who worked at the store and made deliveries.”
“Oh My God! He was in this house?”
“Yes mom but I was safe enough. Not his type. Besides he knew trouble would follow if he took me. Gary told him who I was after they left the house. He knows the land he is living on is mine.”
“But does he know your gift and that you are aware he is living in those woods.”
“I doubt that mom. What I do know is I need something to eat so I’m headed inside.” I smelled eggs as I entered the kitchen. Aunt Betty had been busy. Detective Fuller, Linda and Chad were seated at the table with a plate in front of them containing a huge omelet, hash browns and link sausage. The omelets smelled amazing and I asked for one. Aunt Betty opened the microwave and removed a plate containing the same food the others were enjoying then sit it in front of me. She removed an omelet from the skillet and placed it on a plate then handed the plate of food to Blaine. A few moments later she reached over my shoulder and placed a cup of hot chocolate beside my plate. I smiled up at her. “You remembered.”
“Did you expect I would forget?”
“Not really.”
Chad slipped an envelope from his pocket, “Trisha would you see if you get anything from this picture?”
I reached over and slid the envelope closer then looked up at Chad. “Oh God, Chad, a toddler. He is missing isn’t he.”
“Yes. As of last week. We have no leads. All we have is Mom dropped him off at daycare, went to run errands and when she went to pick him up two hours later for a doctor’s appointment, he wasn’t anywhere to be found.”
“Noone checked on him for two hours?”
Mom had given him his morning medication and it makes him sleepy. His care giver said he slept peacefully and was still sleeping when she checked on him fifteen minutes before Mom showed to pick him up. She looked in on him every fifteen minutes and could see him through the window as she did stories with the other children. She did say he stirred about an hour in to their having him, she went in and checked him but he turned over and fell back asleep so she didn’t try to wake him and get him active with other children. At 10:30 she led the other children into the eating area for a morning snack and had her eye off him. She said when she came back in the room she glanced and he was still lying peacefully in bed. But a few minutes later all that was there was a doll dressed in same clothing with blanket pulled up around its shoulders.”
“Yes it is, we’re checking her history but so far nothing to say she was involved.”
“Okay, after I return from woods tomorrow, I’ll go see her and the daycare.”
“Trish, Linda said, when you get back from woods tomorrow you’ll be in no shape to take on another one. You know how all this affects your health.”
“I know but it’ll pass and this is a toddler. He comes before me. In the meantime, I am going to bed. All of you are welcome to find a place to rest here, or not. Your decision. Seven tomorrow morning Detective.”
“Eight, Fuller said, I advised the officers to meet us then.’
“You can hang and wait for your backup if you want. I leave at seven.”
“Mom, why not take my mother and go on another one of your book read tours and stop worrying about me.”
“Listen carefully, young lady. This is my investigation. Unless you want me to take you downtown and book you for interfering, you will do as I say.”
“Fine, do it your way. You don’t even need a warrant for forced permission to search my property. Permission freely given. I will make sure Glenda knows you did it your way, if you come back in a body bag. Or, you can take that phone out your pocket and call your blue shirts and tell them to be at the church at seven and make damn sure they are wearing their vest. Franklin will shoot to kill.”
“You’re wearing one too, right Trisha,” Mom said.
“No Mom, He won’t shoot me.”
“And how do you know that?” Chad said.
“Because if he sees me, he’ll also see my father.”
“Your father is dead Trisha!” Fuller bellowed.
“I know that Detective, goodnight all.” I turned and left the room leaving them all staring at my back. Blaine rushed after me.
“Trish, what the hell is going on with you. Are you asking him to arrest you?”
“He knows he can’t. Irrespective of his threats, he knows what I see is real and he knows he’ll never get Franklin if I don’t take him to the old shack. Our relationship will always be an argumentative one. Besides where Franklin’s at isn’t roped off with police tape and it’s my property so he knows I can go there when I want.”
“And why are you so furious with me? You haven’t made eye contact since you came home.”
I lay on my bed. “Good night Blaine.”
“No. Not until you tell me what is troubling you. Why are you angry with me?” Blaine lay on the bed beside me. He moved the stray hairs covering my face.
“Trisha, I don’t understand.”
“I can only say, I will not play second fiddle to your ex girlfriend or any other woman.”
“What ex girlfriend? You are the only woman I am seeing and the only one I want to see. I’m not just here on the job, I’m here because I care. I took that trip with you because I care and always have.”
“Then why do I see still your car parked at Janet’s house?”
“I was there earlier today Trisha but only because she was worried. Apparently a man has been driving around the neighborhood talking to the kids and asking them about a cat. His cat that disappeared, so he says. Janet saw him talking to her son and went over, that was when he told her his cat had disappeared and he thought kids may have seen it. He gave her the same poster he’d been handing out to kids. He said the cat belonged to his daughter and she is upset because it’s missing.”
I contacted the man and he verified what Janet had told me. I also met his daughter, a teen and she verified that they had been searching for the cat. I advised him to speak to parents not the kids and let them talk to kids about keeping an eye out.”
“Fine but what about the other times you’ve been there?”
“Hon. I love you, don’t make you imagination into something that isn’t so. I became attached to her son, his father is a deadbeat dad and she struggles. I try to stop by on special days to see him, not her. Like his birthday last month, I took a gift and spent a couple hours with him playing the video game I’d bought for him.”
“Do you think that is good for him? He could have high hopes you and mom marry and you will be his dad.”
“I’ve also discussed that with him, explaining that what I feel for his mom isn’t what a man should feel for a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I told him I felt that way about another woman, one I was deeply in love with. He was upset but he understood that I thought a lot of him and wanted him to know he can call on me anytime, I wanted to be there for him. He isn’t but eight Trisha.”
“His dad doesn’t see him?”
“He thinks since mom has full custody he shouldn’t have to contribute financially to his rearing but does want visitation rights.”
“That sucks for the child.”
“Yes it does, he’s really a good kid.”
“Why didn’t you tell me about him before now? I would have understood.”
“I considered it, but it isn’t every woman who’d want her man to go visit at his ex girlfriend’s house.”
I laughed.

When we arrived at the church the next morning I took a deep breath and exited my car. Blaine followed me quickly. Fuller left his car and motioned for his men to come in behind him. Carl’s men had successfully cut the limbs hanging over the church and hacked weeds and brush to the
beginning of the graveyard. Gravestones were still visible over some of the weeds suffocating them. I heard a ruffle and looked over just as we rounded the rear of the church. My dad walked up beside me and lay his arm around my shoulders. “Its okay honey, your gift will keep you safe. And I’ll be with you. So will old man Brewster.” It was then I glanced to my right and saw the old man from the church walking toward us. He stayed silent but I could see relief on his face. He knew it was about to end. His guilt had passed and he had finally forgiven himself. I looked up at the small house behind the church and saw the old woman and her daughter standing in the doorway. They too, had a new peaceful expression on their tired faces. The light awaited them and they knew they’d soon follow its path. I looked back at the darkness of the rear of the church and saw orbs floating. Seems the congregation was standing behind their church member. I smiled at the thought. Forgiveness lifted burdens in a way nothing else could. I looked back at Detective Fuller, “Advise your men to stay as quiet as possible.” He stopped and gathered them around him. I began the trek into the woods Blaine was so close to me our shoulders touched as we trekked the uneven ground moving limbs aside to keep them from slapping un in the face. Occasionally he would chop a small thin vine away from its grip to the trees. Two hours later I stopped and motioned for Fuller. He moved up close to me. “The roof of the shack,” I whispered pointing over to our east. “We stay on this course, it’s the best way to get close so he doesn’t see us. But be aware, he’ll be straining to see if anything is moving. He can sense his hideout is known and has prepared for this moment.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean watch your step, he’ll have set traps.” I looked up and saw the visions of three women motioning for me to come. Fuller whispered with his men and I began slowly moving forward. About thirty feet from the shack, I stopped again. Fuller motioned for his men to take up position around the shack. His men moved with stealthy footsteps. I heard the hard whip of a tree branch and looked over, one of the officers had set off a trap. The sound brought Franklin from inside the shack. I was well hidden and knew he couldn’t see me. My father and old man Brewster moved out so Franklin could see them. Franklin yelled out at them. “You stupid bastards, you’ve brought her here, haven’t you? You know what she can do! Where is she? Trisha Weston! Come out so I can see you!”
“No Franklin, it is over. Give yourself up so this can end. Let those two women go home where they belong.” I motioned for Fuller to hold still. “All has been forgiven. Look at your great uncle, he is here to help you. TJ is here too, see him? See the peace on their faces. Your family’s violent history ends today. It ends here, with or without your help.”
“Do you think I am just going to walk out with you and two ghost and give myself up? Foolish woman! I could kill you and no one would ever know!”
“Yes, Franklin they would know. They know you killed those other girls. Look around, their spirits are here trying to tell you, let the girls come out and know freedom. Walk away from the house.”
“No! I die here and they die with me!”
“So you want Larry to be left alone to live with your shame?” I know it was you who worked at the store using his name. When you came to my home that day, you were angry because some woman had bought the property. Property you felt was owed to you. It wasn’t until Gary told you who I was that you figured it all out. And you knew a true owner had once again inherited the property. I’m a true Staurt. And I am a Weston, not by birthright but by love. The Staurt and Westons have owned that property for hundreds of years. Brewster family were outcast, a married in to. But now even that is over. There will be no more violent Brewster family taught evil and hate. TJ, Jr. passed his gift to me after he died. He wasn’t bad, he was only confused. The Brewster blood in him had him conflicted. He had no children of his own. And Larry will marry and not teach his kids to revenge family hate. They will learn love and forgiveness. It’s over Franklin. Let it die in you too. Be at peace.”
“Your brother kidnapped you to take revenge on his dad! He copied me and took several girls so it’d be blamed on me!”
“I know that Franklin. But my father saved me and saved him. And TJ didn’t harm those girls, he let them escape. He never intended to harm them. He knew I forgave him in his last moments before peace overtook him, and it was then he shared his gift and allowed his dad, my father to save me. He is at peace Franklin.”
“Why would he share with you when it was the Weston man, your so called dad, who ran them over!”
“ I know all that too Franklin. My dad couldn’t handle the guilt of killing and died of a heart attack. But he did what he did to stop the violence against women. To protect me and my mom and mother.”
Franklin turned and faced where I was hidden behind a huge tree trunk. “I know where you are hiding.”
“Good walk toward me.”
“Why? So you can continue Weston’s ways and kill me?”
“No so you can look at me face to face and see I hold no grudge against you. So you can look at TJ senior and Mr. Brewster and see forgiveness.”
“Have you got someone with you? What am I saying, of course you do! You can’t really think I’d hurt you! I wouldn’t! All those damn Stuart and Weston ancestors would make my life hell, haunting me! I’d live in fear of demons! ” Franklin raised his gun and swung it around toward the woods, scanning them.”
I motioned for Detective Fuller to let his presence known. “It’s over Brewster!” Fuller yelled. You are surrounded. Give up!”
Franklin began shooting wildly and Fuller gave the go for his men to shoot back. Franklin’s gun never pointed in my direction proving he didn’t want to cause me harm. Franklin’s gun silenced and he fell dead on the ground in front of his shack. Two officers had taken bullets in their arms. The vest had saved several but they had a bruise from the impact of the bullet hitting the vest.
After Franklin fell I eased toward the shack, Fuller followed suit and Blaine was in my footsteps. The two young women inside were filled with fear. Their mouths were taped but eyes were rounded and their bodies were shaking. Both were carried out, back to the church and loaded into an ambulance awaiting their arrival. Fuller left the cabin when I did, forensics had arrived and would go over the cabin to collect evidence. He wanted to make sure Franklin had no co-conspirator. I told him Franklin had acted alone but all he did was smile at me with his I’ll decide that for myself expression.
When I arrived back home I dropped onto the sofa. Linda and Chad wasn’t there but came in a few minutes later. Mom and my mother hoovered around me. My hands shook as I sipped coffee, Detective Fuller was sitting in the recliner glaring at me. “What was all that family history mess you played along with out there?’
“I wasn’t playing along, it’s all true.” The doorbell rang and my mom went to answer. In walked Selma. She moved over to me and squatted down then took my hand in hers.
“Dear child, is it true, is the Brewster family at peace now? It’s all over, for generations.”
“Hopefully it will be Selma,” I said. “I think Franklin felt some sense of regret before he died. He wanted to die, Selma. He couldn’t live in prison and deal with his shame. With the family shame. Just as the old man at the church couldn’t deal with is son burning out his mother’s rooms here at this house. Look into my office, she’s rocking peacefully now and will soon be with all her family. I know which grave his hers at that church and there will be a beautiful headstone with a lamb on it will be placed to honor her.”
“She is the one who started all this with you, isn’t she?”
“In a way, yes she did. When TJ brought me here and kept me under that stairwell, I heard her tears, I saw her shame, she comforted me in my fear before I knew who was holding me hostage.”
“She was a brave woman and from what I read of her, she would call out to her family, begging them to allow the blood of the lamb to flow into their hearts so they’d know the power and love of Jesus. You felt that when you were held here, didn’t you and that was how you know a lamb should be on her headstone?”
I smiled at Selma. “You are a wonderful lady Selma, your song saved your husband and he, in the end, saved your son’s soul. I saw love and compassion in him today. After Franklin died, he whispered to me asking I tell you thank you. He knows all about the struggles you had and the gift I bequeathed you. I felt proud to be his daughter.”
“It’s strange, but then maybe not so strange, but last night, I felt him beside my bed. I wasn’t frightened, I felt happiness and its that happiness that allowed me to accept your mother’s call today and the offer to come here to see you.”
Mom came over and placed her hands on my shoulders, “Come my child, you need to eat and rest before Chad has you off on another case.”
Everyone laughed with that and she motioned for them to follow us to the kitchen where what looked like a feast was waiting. “I could get use to your and Betty’s cooking Mrs. Weston, now would someone please explain all this family history to me, Franklin and Trisha confused the hell out of me in those woods.” As we ate Mom and Betty explained how she and Betty were sisters with different mothers and had discovered it after Betty came to work at the store all those years back. And how all this land had been handed down to daughters with the gift. All the females had a stronger gift than males usually did, some, like mom, denied and fought it but some embraced it as I had.

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Very, very, very good read. Trisha is lucky she didn't wind up spending a night or two in a cell. She would have if I was Fuller. lol

I enjoyed the characterizations of the main characters and the ending, though complex was very interesting.
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OH WOW! I can't wait to read Trisha's next mission. There will be more, right? Just loved how you sealed this part with the bad guy. Everything just seemed to flow together wonderfully in the woods. And I laughed out loud at her conversation with Fuller! I think those two are perfect enemies yet friends. You can tell they have mutual respect for each other. Trisha is right, they will always banter back and forth but will call on each other for help.
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Trisha's Mission finale
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