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 My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)

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PostSubject: My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)   My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) EmptyFri Jun 06, 2014 12:49 pm

“Dad. I need your help.” We were sitting on his deck and I was at my wits end, unsure what to do next or where to go with the investigation.
“Name it son.”
I took out two pictures and showed them to Dad. “I need to know who they are.”
“I think I know but I need to contact my friend Al.”
Dad grabbed his phone and in a couple minutes was telling his friend he needed him. An hour later Al pulled into the driveway. “Hey friend,” Al said, what’s so important?”
“We can’t talk inside,” Dad told him. “I got bugs. I think they were put in to find out where John is being held. The killers want to make sure he is dead before he talks.” Dad took the pictures I’d shown him and handed them to Al.
Al smiled. “Oh yes. I know who this is. I can tell you, her name is not the name you likely have for her. And neither is the name of the man she lives with. How did you get these pictures?”
“I interviewed everyone who had seen or talked to him after John was attacked and made printouts of them from videos we made.”
“Her real name is Regina Black Dutton. His is David Allen Tudors.”
“Is he a cop?”
Al frowned but I saw a smile hanging. “Why do you ask?”
“His expressions and stance. Also his language, he was trying hard to not show deep knowledge of police procedure but failed.”
Al laughed. “Sit. Let me tell you a story. But first let me ask, did your brother have money? Lots of money?”
“Yes. Why?”
“Has there been any unusual activity on his accounts since his death or just before he died?”
“As a matter of fact, yes. A few days before he passed an attempt was made to hack his family money. Then during the first three days after he died another attempt was made. Fortunately, I was notified about both immediately and stopped the hack. I am very security conscious of my family’s monies. That which we survive on here and the town’s money in England. I control it all and have for many years. Even before Dad turned over Lord of Manor to me. I paid all of Silas’s bills, even his personal bills. The accounts someone attempted to close out has hundreds of thousands in it, and the other one worth millions is what’s on the market, an attempt was made to secure control and convert to cash.”
“What about the other men killed?”
“The young one, has a few hundred thousand on market. His sister controls it. And we discovered he had an insurance policy worth nearly a million on his on life. Beneficiary is his sister. She has money inherited from their parents death also but not quite as much as brother. The insurance hasn’t paid off yet, and won’t until she is cleared in his death. The other guy has none I’m aware of. John has no substantial money that I know of but he doesn’t hurt taking care of his needs.”
“I hope you have sister in a safe place. Her life could be in danger, as well as Silas wife and you and your wife.”
“They are safe. I suspected they were in danger. As is John.”
“So John still lives?”
“Yes but his memory of that day is sketchy at best. He doesn’t remember the beating he took. Why all the financial questions?”
“Because these two are diabolical crooks.”
“So who does he work for? FBI, CIA?”
“He is a US Marshall. I will try to keep the information on him and her as short as possible but he and her are under investigation for falsifying reports connected to her husband’s death, lying in her deposition among other charges. David came in with Regina and wanted her in the witness protection program. She insisted he be her protector. He has no idea we are on to their scam. We believe he has helped her since the beginning and now have suspicions he killed a man because of her and just may have killed or helped kill her husband. The story was she became concerned when her husband never came home after going to meet a client. So she called her new friend David, a man they both had met at a church function. She nor her husband knew he was a Marshall at that time. She was scared and confided in David that her husband was the attorney for some bad people. Drug kingpins and mafia people. She was her husband’s secretary and had learned he had stolen a lot of money from his clients. She even graciously brought us paperwork of how he stole the money and access numbers of the overseas accounts. Since we agreed to put her under witness protection, he has changed her name three times. Two weeks ago he changed it again. She is now Ruth Carnes and he is Tony Young. They likely have plans to move again. But so far they are still living at the last known address. 2034 Dallas Lane, in Karos. Usually when he changes their names they move. He maintains the Uncle, guardian and power of attorney over her status each time. When they moved from Morris to Karos they kept their Uncle Claude and Shelley names.”
“They may have figured out where I have John, his family and mine. I’ll put a call in to the Constable and have him check with the realtor there and nearby villages to see if any are looking for housing for them under their new names.” So what put you onto them?”
A few days before a man named Steven Anderson, a well known land developer, was killed his banking information was hacked and millions from his market accounts was liquidated and monies disappeared. Steven kept flirting with Regina, he wanted to date her. We believe Regina set him up and they killed him. She stole his money just as she was the one who took money from her husband’s clients. She is a beautiful woman. We want them, but a lot of what we have are really just theories. We are still building evidence and trying to keep David in the dark.”
“Well, I have an idea how we can interview both and while you guys do your investigation, we take them to trial for three murders and one attempted murder.”
“How the hell are you going to talk to them. David is very protective of her. He will not allow her to talk to you.”
“Ever since John was attacked she has begged me to tell me about his condition and whether or not he has talked. I am going to call her and tell her John’s parents have given me permission to tell a few cherished friends about what has happened. And I’m going to tell her the only place I will meet them is at the PD. If she ask why, and she will, I am going to tell her that someone, and I believe it’s the media, has tried to hack my phones so I refuse to talk over phone. I will tell her I can’t meet with them at my home because I believe my home is bugged. And I will not allow media to find out anything until family gives me the okay to do so. I’m telling her the family left town because of media.”
“You really think that will work?”
“Yes I do. They harassed the nurses at the hospital trying to get information. They harassed me. What was her husband’s name?”
“Thomas Neil Dutton.”
“The one who successfully defended Juan Alvarez?”
“The one and same. And one who lost several million and is interested in Regina’s whereabouts. He has feelers out for her. You can add that name to you little either or when you talk to her. I want to be present too, if possible.”
“That will be a useful name to drop on her and him.” I laughed.
“When do you want to do this?”
“Within the next two weeks, I have to take Silas’s students to England at end of month for the dig he setup at our family site. And we will be there several weeks.”
“What will you use as evidence to charge them?”
“We have a hair from John’s body and waiting on DNA. We also have sweat from Rae’s brother. When Regina gave her statement after John’s attack, she threw a cup away in the parking lot trash can. He threw a cigarette away in the parking lot by his car. Dan collected both after they left. The sweeper was sweeping the parking lot when they left so he probably thought it was okay. The butt would be swept up with all the others.”
Al nodded, “it’s a start. Don’t look for a confession.”
“I’ll call you so you can be there with necessary paperwork you need to charge them. We will be asking for no bond. I should hear from lab any day now. The case is a high priority, serial killer status.”
A week after the meeting with Al. He and my dad walked into Morris PD. I have the papers I need to officially suspend David, take his badge and gun and advise Regina she if off witness protection. I’m also advising them they are under federal investigation for the murder of Steven Anderson.”
“That is great. I was going to contact you. We have forensics back on samples, and they are matches. I can call Regina today or wait until tomorrow.”
“Let’s do it today before they leave the country. I think that is their plan and why they are still in Karos since last new name was approved. And we don’t know when they will leave.”
“Let’s go in the office and I’ll make the call to her cell.”
“What if she rejects the call.”
“She’ll answer.”
Al laughed, “Love a guy with a positive outlook.”
Just as I was about to make the call, an officer came through the door. “Chief, you have a call on line 3. It’s from some lady name Diane Fletcher.”
“Thank you Officer, I’ll take it in here.” I reached for the phone, “Amos Thatchenhouse,” I said
“Amos,” Diane said, “ Constable Jones told me to contact you about my new clients. I do have an Anthony Young from the States looking for a small cottage for himself and his niece. I thought the cottage in Atkins Wood would be nice for them. They will pay a year lease in advance.”
“No Diane, that application is to be denied. Do not contact them yet. If they contact you, advise nothing suitable for immediate occupancy is available at this time so your looking in nearby villages. I’ll explain when I arrive at end of month.”
“I talked with him yesterday, before Constable Jones came by, and told him we have a cottage but I’ll have to contact owner.”
“Okay, But stall them for now if they call back Tell them you’re expecting to hear from owner later this week..”
“I will. I am really curious about all this, Amos.”
I can’t explain now Diane. Have to go, see you later this month. In the meantime, keep that cottage of your list. I have a feeling a young woman I know will be looking for a place there. Just a feeling but that is the only really acceptable cottage I have vacant.”
“No. You have one on Frigate Lane. The renter is moving to London.”
“Not acceptable for lady I am talking about. Too much needs repairing before its rentable again. Wiring in particular.”
Diane hung up and Amos smiled over at Al and his Dad. “So Sally finally agreed to move close to her daughter and son-in-law,” Dad said. That cottage is old as Methuselah but Sally didn’t want workers plundering around in it. Make sure she isn’t wanting for her needs when she moves. Sally is special.”
“I know Dad but now I can get the cottage presentable. Rewiring, painted, plumbing checked. All of it. I will get in touch with Alice about Sally. She’ll be taken care of Dad.”
“Guys, about Regina.”
“Calling her now, Al.”
I took out my cell and dialed Regina’s number. “Shelley, I said when she answered, how are you?”
“I’m fine. Why are you calling Amos. Is everything okay with John?”
“Actually Shelley, John is why I am calling. His family has given me permission to contact his close friends and update them about John.”
“Excellent. So what is the update? You sound upset. Is he dead?”
“I can’t talk over phone Shelley. If you want to know anything you’ll have to do as the others will and come here to PD.”
“What the hell you mean you can’t talk on phone? Just tell me.”
No. I refuse to risk media getting this information. I’ve had them harassing me since my brother was murdered and attempts have been made to hack my phones. So you come here or no information.”
“You think media is hacking your phone?”
“Someone is and they are on my list of suspect.” I could almost hear the smile in Regina’s voice. She thought she had me hoodwinked.
“Who else is going to be there?”
“Today? Just you. Friends from work are coming in tomorrow. They have to work and it’s the earliest they can make it.”
Shelley blew out a heavy sigh. “My Uncle and I will be there in an hour.”
I signed off the call and smiled over at Dad and Al. “We have one hour.”
“Where do you want me?” Dad asks.
“In here until I get them settled in interview room 2. I don’t want them to see either of you until after they are confronted about the murders. After I get them settled you can go into the watch room.”
“How will you handle the announcement they’re under arrest?
“First thing, Dad. I go in with throwing legal punches.”
David came in to the precinct with his cop voice intact. “We are here, what the hell is going on. I’m not falling for this hack story?”
“What hack story would that be, Claude?”
“Just tell us what the fuck we came to find out. Where is John. Shelley has been worried sick over him.”
I opened the door to the interview room. “In here, this isn’t something just anyone who passes
can hear.”
“A damn interview room? Why not your office?”
“I don’t have an office here. Besides in here, I can be assured no one can hear what I say.”
David pushed past me and entered the room. “Alright, shut the damn door and get on with it.”
I closed the door and waited giving Dad and Al time to make it to the watch room. “Sit down, Mr. Tudors. You too, Mrs Dutton.”
Regina fell into a chair. “Who? My name is Shelley Goodwin.”
“No Mrs Dutton, it isn’t. I know all about both of you and you are under arrest for the murders of Silas Thatchenhouse, Andrew Croft and Carlos Denton on the Shadow Trails. And the attempted murder of John Blackwell.”
“Wrong.” David said. This is ridiculous! Shelley is no killer. And for your information, I am a US Marshall and Shelley is under witness protection with immunity. You can’t charge her with anything.”
I walked over to the viewing window and tapped on it. A few seconds later Al walked through the door as did my dad.
Al slipped papers from his inside pocket and slammed them down on the table in front of David.
“Read them, David.”
“You are a damn fool Al! This will get Shelley killed! Publically announcing her name and taking her off witness protection and whereabouts will set her up.”
“Then I suggest both of you agree to help this department and she will be held in a protective custody cell. No one will see her. You killed Silas Thatchenhouse, Amos’s brother. That young man was a genius and never harmed a flea must less another human being. You, both of you, killed him and Mrs Dutton tried to hack his market accounts, only Amos is the one who controls those and you couldn’t touch them. You went from being a damn good cop to a money hungry killer. All for a young woman who used you. The two of you set up her husband after she stole money from his clients and killed him and the two of you killed Steven Anderson and stole his money.”
“One other thing Mr. Tudors,” I said. “Anthony Young’s application to lease a cottage in Thatchenhouse is denied. I control those also. The cottage belongs to me.” I left the room and pumped air.

Three hours later I was sitting in a restaurant with Dad and Al having dinner. “Son,” Dad said, “that was awesome.”
“Yeah, they haven’t admitted murdering Silas or the others but they know we have them. You’re going to England with me, right Dad?”
“Oh yes. Who is it you think may want to lease the cottage in Atkins Wood?”
“Rae. I think she will fall in love with England. Just her excitement when I told her she was still on the roster for the dig. And she will be able to begin a new life there.”
“And if she stays in Atkins Wood you can keep an eye on her,” Dad said.
I smiled.
“That cottage is a little upscale for a student.”
“With the money she already has and her inheritance and insurance from her brother, she can afford upscale. Especially if I lower the lease.”
“Lower the lease? Son, we are suppose to make money on those cottages.”
“I know Dad but Rae deserves it. She has earned it. She helped her parents pay bills, raised her brother, made sure he stayed in school and kept his grades up and made sure he stayed clean. Her young life has been caring for him. And she was abused by Carlos. It’s time she cares for Rae.”

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PostSubject: Re: My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)   My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) EmptyMon Jun 09, 2014 7:41 pm

WOW!! I loved the ending.  Smile  You can even write more with these characters. I'll be watching.
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PostSubject: Re: My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)   My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) EmptyThu Jun 12, 2014 6:38 pm

Thanks Bev. It took a while to get the finale going but I finally did. It still isn't all I wanted it to be but it concluded itself. And you are right, I did leave it off so perhaps a future story involving some of these characters can be written. Amos is still buzzing in my head. lol But right now I have a couple other stories to finish and a new one with a new character roaming around my brain wanting attention.  affraid  A writers nightmare, so many characters so little muse want to.  confused 
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PostSubject: Re: My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)   My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 8:55 pm

This ending is truly amazing! I wondered about that Shelley person after John first introduced Amos to her. She didn't seem overly excited. And her actions on the day he was hurt seemed fake. Great story and greater ending. I, too, will be watching to see if Amos has another adventure.  Smile 
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PostSubject: Re: My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)   My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 7:52 pm

I'm very grateful for the comment Sari. I realized as I was writing that I was leaving Shelley out there as the main suspect, especially after I mentioned Amos felt the attacker was a woman.
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PostSubject: Re: My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)   My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 3:46 pm

Yeah, I loved it. I always love reading your stories, they keep my mind active and curious. Will look forward to another story with Amos and other characters, an update on their lives will be awesome.
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My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale) Empty
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My Brother Is Dead part 4 (finale)
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