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 Hey Everyone!!

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PostSubject: Hey Everyone!!   Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:00 pm

Life here for me has taken many turns and I may not be able to be in group as much as I would love to be.  I'm now the Editor & Publisher of a newsletter within our community- along with being on the Board of Directors for the Civic Association, plus, by the grace of God- I've been able to start my own Canvas & upholstery business this past week, in town--- and out of a commercial building establishment.  

We're still, (after 7 months,) am trying to gain ground for everyday living- I've hit odds, like you would never believe,for trying to work out of my home, (which I'd much rather do!).....  No- can do with the, (how do I call an idiot a nice name?)... and live within the same community as he?   This guy is sooooooooooooooo afraid of competition or he's already heard of my rep from years gone by, (???)- I don't know which it is- but, I will not play his games that he has tried to throw out there if I continued to try to work from home!!!   Got to admit- I'm tired of people who want to play games!!!!

Anyway- this old gal is extremely busy- trying to juggle everything that means the world to me at the moment- I kind of expect- things won't quiet down much until after May, (?) if, I'm lucky.

I still love you all and if you don't hear from me at long intervals at a time- I'm sorry- it's just life!!! But---- I will try to check back in when I can....

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Everyone!!   Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:03 pm

When I joined I didn't intend to not be actively participating either but life is life and it has caused me to slack off this past few weeks. I only hope I can be here more often soon.
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Hey Everyone!!
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